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  5. "Οι δικές τους γυναίκες."

"Οι δικές τους γυναίκες."

Translation:Their own wives.

September 14, 2016



This can also mean: "Their women." That's what I typed and it counted it as wrong. The same word is used for "woman" and "wife" in Greek. Though I understand that when you say "η γυναικα ΜΟΥ" it makes more sense for it to mean "wife" instead of "woman," when ownership is shown like that, I still do not believe the answer I gave should be marked incorrect.


We have "women/wives/ladies" for every use of "γυναίκα" and it is included here as an alternative. Did it say you were wrong or "another correct sentence" or "almost correct"? These do not mean wrong. If you hover over γηναίκα above you'll find at the bottom "women". You have to scroll.


I typed "they are tgeir iwn women" and it was marked as incorrect.


If you typed it exactly like so, I'm not surprised that it was marked incorrect. :P

Please make sure that there are no typos in your answers before the final check ^.^


download a greek keyboard


You just need to access the Greek keyboard on your device.

See here for how to do that, and other helpful links.



Is own really necessary here would Their wives be ok


The meaning is very similar however, "δικές τους" "their own" shows more emphasis. We could have presented "Οι γυναίκες τους." but we are trying to give you practice is a variety of forms. So, since it says, "...δικές τους..." you need "their own".


I can't even hear the difference between Η and οι. What IS the difference?


That's ok because they both sound exactly the same. As for the use you can find a full list of the uses of the articles including Η and Οι if you go back to Basic 1 and read the Tips & notes (found just under the word list on the Basic 1 Homepage).


But when I put Η it counted me wrong.


Which is quite logical. Η is feminine singular, Οι is feminine plural. both δικές and γνώμες are feminine plural, so the article would have to match the number and gender. Οι δικές τους γνώμες is grammatically correct. ^.^


If you had read the Tips & notes I suggested above you would have seen as Dimitra explains that "Η" is singular and "Οι" is plural.


I looked for that, but they don't have it on the app. I don't want you to think I'm ignoring your suggestion, I just don't do Duolingo on computer.


tips and notes dont appear as option on android app


Yes, try this link: https://duome.eu/RadByard/progress

I have been told it works on the android but haven't tried it.


Οι = means THE for masc and fem?


Correct in the plural and for a fuller view go back to Basic 1 and check out the Tips & notes which you'll find on the homepage. There is a good explanation and of other important issues. In fact, you should always read the Tips & notes you'll find lots of useful information.


Where is the 'their' in this instance? Surely is just says 'our wives'?


"Οι δικές τους" means their not our. Read the Tips & notes for this Skill for a full explanation. You can find them by hitting the light bulb image at the start of the skill.

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