"It hurts!"

Translation:זה כואב!

September 14, 2016

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I put זה כואב לי but it didn't like it. Even if לי is optional, is it incorrect to have it in this case?


זה כואב IT is the cause of the pain and what you are saying is that IT, this cause of the pain, hurts. כואב לי This formulation means that you are in pain but the sentence there does not mention the cause. In other words sometimes you want to say that something hurts but not necessarily you at this precise moment.


Can someone please answer this question? I'm confused as well.


This is also a repeated line from the TUNA טונה song "gam ze yaavor" גם זה יעבור, This too shall pass.

the line: אם זה כאוב, אז זה כואב if it hurts, so it hurts https://youtu.be/3PJmE-ucx_o It's a song about a failed relationship, and the guy is giving advice to his friend... So he says it will pass.... like, and the chorus lists different things that have passed... roller skates, Richard Gere, the Walkman, Hulk Hogan, and Atari... Hebrew but the American things have an Israeli accent... so you can hear the difference).


Thanks! Very useful ☺️


Why not זה כואב לי?!


Can't you just say "כואב"?


Not as a whole sentence, but you can say כואב לי. But then it has no reference to the cause of the pain.


Oh that makes sense. Thanks!


Cause of pain or object of pain? You might say "it hurts" referring to a knife, or your elbow. Or as a result of an action, like: it hurts (implied is.... when the action happens). Is it the same thing in Hebrew?

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