"A stage"

Translation:Μία σκηνή

September 14, 2016

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ενα σταδιο is also correct and should be accepted for " a stage" This doesn't have to mean a stage in a theater. It could mean a stage in developement I reported it but it cost me a heart


Yes, and thank you again. I've added it in as alternative along with "φαση" which it brought to mind.


So, this being in the "Time" lesson, I'm assuming that σκηνή refers to stage as "a point, period, or step in a process or development" rather than "a raised platform"? Or are these two words also the same in Greek?


No, "σκηνή" means "a raised platform, or a tent (as used for camping). "Σκηνή" doesn't mean a period of time but it's translation "a stage" can mean a period of time. The problem is that in this word is incorrectly shown in this skill. Thanks for the heads up we'll change it.

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