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"We like birds, but we also like turtles."

February 6, 2013



"Nos gustan pajaros, pero tambien nos gustan tortugas". Porque esto no puede ser correcta respuesta. Me parece bien


I also do not understand why the articles los and las are needed here.


No es correcto. A diferencia de inglés, necesitas los dos artículos en ese contexto.


I do not understand why "we like birds" does not use "gustamos" instead of "gustan". It is us who are doing the liking, gustan implies that the birds are liking us. Confused...


Just to be clear, I'm as confused as you :) However, http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/gustar.htm from this page I figured out, that 'gustan' is probably the right version because it's not 'us' who is the subject, but the 'birds'. So if the subject is singular - gusta, if plural - gustan. Let's hope someone who actually speaks Spanish will correct me if I'm wrong :)


yes, that is correct. "gustar" is not "to like". It means "to be pleasing to". so "Nos gustan las aves" = the birds are pleasing to us.


"gustar" is not "to like". It means "to be pleasing to". so "Nos gustan las aves" = the birds are pleasing to us.


I keep getting this type of sentence wrong. I cannot seem to remember we must like THE birds and THE turtles.


why could I not use nosotros? why?


"A nosotros nos gustan los pájaros, pero también las tortugas."

This is what I was going for but I neglected the 'A' and typed 'los tortugas' by mistake. This makes me wonder what the purpose of 'A' beginning the sentence. When is it necessary and would it be OK to neglect it in this case? I'm baffled.


The "a nosotros" is there for emphasis/clarification. You can omit it and still have a correct sentence, but you cannot just use "nosotros" which is a subject pronoun. (Loose literal equivalent of what you are saying in Spanish: The birds are pleasing to us, but the turtles are also pleasing to us).

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