"You and I are swimming."

Translation:Εγώ και εσύ κολυμπάμε.

September 14, 2016

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I notice that "You and I" is translated "εγώ και εσύ." Is that word order fixed, like in English where "I and you" would be incorrect (though "me and you" is acceptable)?


No, you can say εγώ και εσύ or εσύ και εγώ, though you emphasize εγώ in the first senstence and εσύ in the second.


Both are correct in Greek :) However, the correct sentence here would be εσύ και εγώ, because the English sentence is you and I.

I will check it on the Incubator :)


It seems like both should be correct translations given that the English is less flexible there.

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