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  5. "Sen beni seviyor musun?"

"Sen beni seviyor musun?"

Translation:Do you love me?

September 14, 2016



i answered "evet".


We are not using "sen" very often when we ask this question. We are saying just: beni seviyor musun?


Evet, seni çok seviyorum <3


why it is do not are


i think 'are you loving me?' is not natural in english. but we usually say it in şimdiki zaman (present continous)


Sen beni mi seviyorsun? Is it correct? The answer is yes or no. So why musun?


For the first part of your question: 'Sen beni mi seviyorsun'? is right, though it has slightly another meaning. The 'mi' in your sentence is referring to 'beni' so it would mean: is it me you are loving?
The meaning of the sentence above is as you write: do you love me or not?


It sounds more like ''sen beni seviyor msun'', is that right? I read a comment about another case saying the first vowel might get removed sometimes, in a sentence where ''gidiyor'' sounded like ''gdiyor''.


I answered: are you loving me? And it's not correct. Why?


to love is a static verb in English. Therefore in English you can't use the continious form.


Why are the sentences always the same? No matter if I test for level one or five the same setences show up. Now I am testing for "legendary" level and this easy sentence comes up again. What is the point of different leves if even level legendary isn't harder then level one?

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