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"Το κορίτσι μου θα έχει αγοράσει ένα ρολόι."

Translation:My girlfriend will have bought a watch.

September 14, 2016



αγοράζω = buy = purchase

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That was a very valuable comment. I added ''purchase'' and noticed I had neglected "clock". So, double thank you.


Το κορίτσι μου : My daughter?


I believe "my daughter" should be accepted too.

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No, in Greek το κορίτσι μου has to be translated as my girlfriend.
There needs to be a lot of context to make κορίτσι/αγόρι + prossessive pronoun into daughter/son but it's rare and the risk of sounding like a total creep is too high, so I suggest keeping these words apart.

Even if a parent of a girl and a boy made a distinction between the two siblings, they would never say 'το κορίτσι/αγόρι μου'. They would either say 'η κόρη μου / ο γιος μου', 'το κορίτσι/αγόρι' (no possessive) or maybe 'το κορίτσι/αγόρι μας' but that last one requires all the context you can get in such a conversation. Same for ~ μου; it's too risky and you need to know how to pull it off. :)


D, you could expand on this. Is το κορίτσι μου actually a girl? I'm too old to have "girl" friends, and my wife wouldn't want me to describe female friends as girlfriends anyway, so maybe I can avoid being a creep and not use the expression at all.

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Then you could use "η φίλη μου = female friend.


While "my daughter" is a longshot in this case and quite an inaccurate translation, it would be a lie to say that Greek parents don't say "my girl/boy" refering to their children.

I am native Greek and I've been introduced to many people as "my girl" by my parents. And so have many friends of mine.


Not sure if these alternatives already exist, but I think "my girl" and "a wristwatch" should also be added.


I tried my girl. It didn't work

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