"There is no simple solution to this case."

Translation:Không có giải pháp đơn giản nào cho trường hợp này.

September 14, 2016


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why is the nao necesary here? why cant we go without nao?

September 14, 2016


It means "any" in this case.

September 19, 2016


But is it necessary?

I get 'bitten' by this sentence EVERY TIME. Moreover, since this module is so friggin' HUGE, with about 40 new vocabulary items to digest, you don't see this sentence that often...ergo you don't remember this again, so you get bitten every time. This is piss-poor way to teach anyone anything.

The thing ideally to do is to make each module no more than ten new vocabulary items per module--the same as a phone number, so to speak--so you can remember/retain them, and not also be introducing new constructions when you're trying to pick up vocabulary. You make everything digestable in small chunks. DL breaks these rules.

August 25, 2019
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