"I am going to the tiger, tigers are friendly animals."

Translation:Én odamegyek a tigrishez, a tigrisek barátságos állatok.

September 14, 2016

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Is the word order A tigrishez odamegyek appropriate, since the focus of the first clause is that it's the tiger I am going to?


Yes, it is good both ways, but the focus stays mainly on the verb "odamegyek".

"A tigrishez odamegyek" sounds like "there are many animals around here, I don't really care for them. But to the tiger I choose to go, because tigers are friendly animals."

When the verb is intact, it is always in focus.

You could put more emphasis on the tiger, by "splitting the verb".

"A tigrishez megyek oda, ... " This is when it gets the most emphasis, being right in front of the verb stem, even kicking the preverb aside. This sentence means "I am going to the tiger, not to some other animal...", "It is the tiger that I am going to..."


Thank you very much.


A tigrishez megyek, a tigrisek barátságos állatok. ?


It has accepted that answer from me.


This is odd: when I gave it an answer it didn't like, it told me that I should have said, "Odamegyek a tigrisekhez" for the first clause, but doesn't that mean "I am going to the tigers," plural?


Does elmegyek also work here. I'm confused when to choose "el" and when "oda" in case of moving myself.


And then he could not continue learning hungarian


they told us already to jump out of the window on 20th floor, now to approach a tiger, is it a warning that its better to kill urself than to continue learning hungarian? :D


I was marked wrong for not using the word "en".

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