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Ænglisc / Old English - Lesson XX - Adjectives I (An Overview of Strong and Weak)


Ƿesaþ ġē hāl!

If you missed the previous lesson ('This/These') click here -

Now we go over adjectives - but first, an overview!

For a simpler, interactive explanation of strong and weak, click here!

"What are adjectives? They are words used to describe either nouns or pronouns. Like nouns and pronouns, they are declined according to number, gender, and case; and their number, gender, and case must always agree with the noun or pronoun that they are modifying. In addition, adjective are also declined in either of two ways: strong or weak. This is governed by certain factors" - see full article here

[The following has been extracted from \https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Old_English/Adjectives due to want of a better way to explain this]

You can tell when to use the strong or weak declension.An adjective would be declined weak if:

I) It was always declined weak (like most ordinal numbers, and all comparative adjectives)

II) It was preceded by the definitive article ("se/sēo/þæt" or any possessive personal pronoun except for the 3rd person possessive pronouns ("his/hire/heora") - unless the adjective was one of the few adjectives that were always declined strong, like ōðer - "second"

III) It was used in a nickname and came after the personal name it modified (E.G - John The Swift, Alfred The Great, )

In all other cases, the adjective is declined strong, including if it came after a linking verb: (e.g "Iċ eom grēat - "I am great")

If this has inspired you/ started you to think that OE may be for you, check out Leornende Eald Englisc, here

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September 14, 2016



I look at your posts re OE with interest - I studied it a long time ago along with various texts and this certainly brings back memories of nights pouring over translations. I have just upvoted the course suggestion page.


Thanks! I have only myself been learning for a few months, and its mostly been self-taught / with the aid of Leornede Eald Englisc

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