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  5. "He wants a toy."

"He wants a toy."

Translation:Mae e eisiau tegan.

September 14, 2016



What's the difference between 'moyn' and 'eisiau'? This is the second time I've made this mistake...


The usual pattern is:

  • Mae e eisiau tegan - This is an exception to the usual rules of Welsh grammar because eisiau is a noun, not a verb-noun, and there is no yn linking mae e with eisiau.
  • Mae e'n moyn tegan - This is less common than the pattern with eisiau, tending to be used mainly in parts of south and south-west Wales. However, it does conform to the usual rules of Welsh - moyn is a verb-noun, and it does need the linking yn.

moyn is a shortened form of ymofyn, but it is the moyn form that you will come across in the context of 'wanting'.

The moyn pattern is used alongside eisiau - you will hear both being used in the same areas of Wales. As eisiau is generally more common, stick with that unless you regularly meet up with people who use moyn. Be aware that eisiau is usually pronounced /isha/, /ishe/, or /isio/.

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