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What things about the English langauage should I know to be able to learn better?

I stopped taking English at 16, I never really like it or payed much attention. Now I'm trying to develop myself and I feel like I'm missing out on some basic understandings. I am trying to learn French now and am doing ok, however I feel like I'm missing somethings. Like I have no idea what imperative, infinitive and participle are. I understand verbs and adverbs etc. but much more it all gets a bit complex!

So what are the basics so I can understand my French lessons better?

February 6, 2013



The "basics" are more than can be explained here in a post! ;) There is a book called "English Grammar for Students of Spanish," or something like that. There is probably one for French, too.


Go on Wikipedia and read up the articles about Grammar in general and English Grammar in specific. Look up phrases such as imperative, participle and infinitive, and whatever else you're not 100% sure about. It's a fantastic source of information.

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