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Virtual Greek keyboard

I have just started Greek from English course. I don't have a Greek keyboard and I was suprised to see no virtual Greek keyboard is available for the exercises. Why so? It would be very convenient.

September 14, 2016



If you use a PC, it is really easy to setup your computer to switch between your normal keyboard and one for another language. Go to Settings--> time and language --> region and language -->add a language --> Ελληνικά OR control panel --> languages -->add a language

I toggle between the two using the keyboard shortcut Alt + shift, but it should add a language bar to your taskbar so you switch manually as well.


These methods allow you to type Greek letters, but to see where the letters are located on the keyboard this is needed: http://loderi.com/greek-virtual-keyboard-online.

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To access the Greek keyboard and learn where each letter is found try this. There is also a full introduction to the Greek alphabet as well as other resources.



It's also very easy to do on a Mac. Go to System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Input Sources ... (button) --> check box for Greek --> check box for "Show input menu in menu bar".

Now you'll see a flag at the top right of your screen. To switch between languages, just click on the preferred flag. You can also toggle between languages using the keyboard shortcuts Command + Space (switches to previous input language) or Command + Option + Space (switches to the next input language).


Would be great if they offer the same or sort of the "keyboard" for languages like Greek, Russian and Hebrew, as they do for Japanese. Its kinda annoying to switch between the english and the practicing language each time you need to type either in english or eg greek...


I wrote this page about how I set my keyboard on Duolingo for Greek and other alphabets and scripts: https://languageimmersions.com/how-to-type-letters-from-other-alphabets-on-your-keyboard/

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