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  5. "¿Ya has elegido?"

"¿Ya has elegido?"

Translation:Have you already chosen?

February 6, 2013


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Picked can be used as al alternative to "elegir".

February 6, 2013


I wonder whether HAVE YOU CHOSEN YET? would be accepted

April 28, 2014


It is, I just used it 28.2.15

February 28, 2015


Does it matter where the 'Ya' goes in the sentence as long as 'Has elegido' is in order?

October 25, 2017


Why is using 'decided' instead of 'chosen' not ok?

February 22, 2015


I don't think "decide" is really a synonym of "choose" or "elect" or "select" which are the meanings of "elegir".

"decide on" can mean "choose", but that doesn't work in this sentence. "Have you already decided on" needs another noun.

February 23, 2015


Although "Have you decided?" does not require another noun.

January 13, 2019


What is the different between "escoger" and "elegir"?

October 25, 2013


There are several English words that mean almost the same thing, and several Spanish words that mean almost the same thing. There is probably not always an exact match between all the tiny gradations in meaning.

According to spanishdict.com:

escoger: to choose, to select, to pick out, to excerpt, to cull, to elect (por voto)

elegir: to choose, to elect, to name, to nominate

And another one, seleccionar: to pick, to select, to choose

Google Translate is useful here. If you just put simply "escogar" (or "elegir") on the left (Spanish) side, it lists several English translations along with the possible other Spanish translations of those English words.

October 26, 2013


So they can be interchanged. Are there any situations in which one must be used over another?

October 28, 2013


I think "Selected" should have been allowed.

October 24, 2013


My autocorrect: "have thou chosen already"

December 7, 2014


Does, "Now you've chosen?" Not work?

February 23, 2015


My understanding is that "ya" only means "now" in present tense, but "you've chosen" is past tense.

February 24, 2015


It might sound a little like Yoda but I am pretty sure "Already you have chosen?" should have been accepted. Can anyone tell me why not?

June 28, 2015


Does "ya" have to be at the beginning of the sentence, or can it come at the end?

October 20, 2015


Is it just my phone but recently the recorder hasnt been working. When i go to record my answer the it responds as if ive spoken correctly when i haven't spoken yet

April 8, 2017


Why the "already". Isn't that redundant?

May 14, 2018
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