"The train is not there, but here."

Translation:A vonat nem ott van, hanem itt.

September 14, 2016

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Why is A vonat nem ott van, PEDIG itt. wrong?


I would also like an answer to that. What is the difference between hanem and pedig?


Hanem - but rather. Used in “it is not X, but Y” sentences.

Pedig - whereas, on the other hand. Én alszom, te pedig eszel. I sleep, and/whereas you eat.

So in hanem sentences, the first part is negated, in pedig sentences, it is usually not negated.


Köszönem Szepen!This helps a lot.


Why is 'A vonat nincs ott, hanem itt' incorrect? Isn't nincs == nem van?


In Duolingo's version, the nem is modifying the word ott ("not there"), rather than the verb. If you use van with nem ott then you're saying the train IS (does exist) somewhere, but NOT THERE.

Hulk014's comment shows how to rework the sentence with nem modifying the verb instead. "Nem van" is replaced with nincs, but that means the first part of the sentence is saying, "the train DOES NOT EXIST there." The second part of the sentence then needs to include van to say that it DOES exist in the other place.


Köszönöm szépen! So is it because in the example the stress was more on 'ott' than on 'van' (or 'nem van') due to the word order?


You miss the word "van". A vonat nincs/nem ott, hanem itt van.


It technically should be 'nincs' instead of nem van. I lived in Hungary for a year and a half and the first rule I learned was to never ever ever use nem van. It should be nincs


Shouldn't "A vonat NINCS ott, hanem itt." be correct?


That doesn't work, because then "itt" would also refer to "nincs". "A vonat nincs ott, hanem itt van." would be correct.


It's strange. I replied " A vonat nem ott van, hanem itt." That is also stated as correct answer. But the app returned a false response and marked my answer as incorrect. Really strange..

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