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"Ces deux portes sont énormes."

Translation:These two doors are huge.

September 14, 2016



Seems perverse that "enormous" is not accepted. Can anyone explain why?

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But it is accepted.


It is not Nov 7th 2019


The two doors are big? No good


Along with what the Sponge Colonel said, ces --> "these", not "the".


'Enorme' is larger than 'grand', just as 'huge' is larger than 'big'.


And where do you reckon 'large' falls where huge and big are concerned?


IMO, large and big are more or less synonyms, whereas huge is clearly much bigger / larger :-)


Wait i cant use the word enormous?


Should "portes" be pronounced with two syllables?

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The male voice emphasizes the pronunciation a bit more with an accent typical of the southwest of France. That final sound you hear is called a schwa. It is normal.


The second syllable on "portes" completely threw me off. I'm asking myself, what are they carrying/wearing? And the difference between de/des and deux is very challenging. Listening to French is quite a struggle for some of us I guess.

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You're right that listening is quite a challenge. So we try to first understand what it means and that will help us hear it right. With the verb "sont", we know that the subject is plural. That rules out anything with "c'est" and leaves only "ces".

  • "ces de portes" doesn't make sense
  • "ces des portes" doesn't make sense
  • "ces deux portes" -- aha! That makes sense and forms a correct and natural French sentence.


Yes! so much of my study has been building up a mental list of what is possible to fit into what I have heard, and your comment about sont is exactly the process. The next step is trying to differentiate between portes and ports as possible answers. Only the male voice gives a hint with the schwa "e" after portes.
And I'm supposed to be able to do this at the speed of conversation.........one day - Si Dieu le veut!


So, how to decide if we have been "schwa'd" or not? On a complex page, full of phonetic symbols, Wikipedia suggests "The main characteristic of French schwa is its "instability": the fact that under certain conditions it has no phonetic realisation."! See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_phonology


Ces deux portes sont enormes won't be accepted for me.

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