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"Hova másznak azok a tigrisek?"

Translation:Where are those tigers climbing?

September 14, 2016


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Hova másznak azok a tigrisek? = Where are those tigers climbing?


------- "hol " = in what location; "hova " = where is the intended destination . . .

Big 13 sep 19


As far as i know tigers do not crawl, could we change the transaltion?


-------- would you go for creep, skulk or stalk ? . . .

Big 23 feb 19


I wrote, where are those tigers climbing. The correct answer adds "to" to the end of the sentence. I believe that is implied plus it is improper to end a sentence with a preposition. I am being nitpicky, i know


A preposition is a perfectly fine thing to end a sentence with. I don't know what all that fuss is about.


I think the problem is that mászik is only translated as crawling here, whereas climbing would be the better translation in the case of tigers (if I am not mistaken, tigers do climb, right?)


Such a cosy boy. :)

a legjobb tigris


This comes from the Latin language. Some scholar decided that latin rules are the best for English. There is a Today I Learned video about it on YouTube.

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