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  5. "הבירות טעימות."

"הבירות טעימות."

Translation:The beers are delicious.

September 14, 2016



Don't drink TOO much, Duolingo! I need you for my school! :D


In English why couldn't "The beer is tasty" be acceptable for the meaning?


The beers are delicious. - is it correct in english??


Sort of. Beer is usually treated as a substance, i.e. an uncountable noun, like milk, rice, and even cheese, bread, etc. Some of these kinds of nouns are also occasionally treated as countable, so you might sometimes see "different kinds of bread and cheese" or "different breads and cheeses" when talking about variety. Friends might also "go out for a few beers". However, "the beers are delicious" does not sound right to my American ear. I would say "the beer is delicious", because it's not the individual bottles of beer that are delicious, it's "beer" in the abstract, i.e. the uncountable substance, that we are referring to. Strangely, duolingo doesn't accept this answer (I've reported it).


It sounds fine to my American ear, if (and only if) it is referring to different varieties — e.g. “When we visited the brewery, I sampled a lager, a stout, and an IPA. All three beers were delicious.”


Beer can be used as singular or plural in English. "The beers are delicious" would only be a correct sentence in certain circumstances, for example, when talking about different varieties of beer.


As a native speaker of American English, I think it sounds fine. I would assume it is talking about different varieties or different glasses full of beer.


No. It could be correct if we are at a beer-tasting event but if we're just talking about multiple bottles of beer, we use the collective noun "beer" and also "wine", like "furniture" .


Every times u use tasty but here is delicious.... Whyyyy


ha-birot teimot


Audio is not working for this sentence.


In America, you could say, "The beers are delicious" but the bartender may cut you off sooner that otherwise.


I have never heard anyone say that beer is delicious. I think delicious is used for solid foods not liquids. Would someone please comment on this?


Tasty should have been accepted because tasty and delicious mean the same th.

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