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not all students progress is showing in the classroom.

September 14, 2016



Some of my students are registered in the class, but they have no assignments. I assigned all the lessons and they do not appear on the accounts of some students. I can see that they have points but don't know what assignments they have completed. Can anyone help with this?


When you assign an assignment, it gets assigned to the current members of the class. If anyone joins the class after that, the won't have it. Could that have happened?


This was occurring with my classes as well. Turns out, that despite my selection process when I began, it had me teaching Vietnamese to English students rather than English to Vietnamese students. Once I made the change, all of the data magically appeared.


Yes, if you set your classroom up to use a specific course, the system will only show you your students data from that particular course. Any other courses they use won't show up in your classroom, not even the reverse course.


I am having the same issue. I know some of my students are on, but they aren't showing up in my course. I can't search for their names to ask them into the course... or is there a way to do that?


You can't add other Duolingo accounts without their permission. Here's your best option:

  • If you go to your classroom and click invite students, and then share classroom link, it will give you a classroom code.

  • If your students go to the progress sharing part of their settings, there's a link there that will let them enter a classroom code. If they enter the classroom code from your classroom, it will automatically join them to it.

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