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"There are six big religions in Vietnam."

Translation:Có sáu tôn giáo lớn ở Việt Nam.

September 14, 2016



Which six? It seems many Vietnameses are atheistic


Buddhism, Christianity, Protestantism, Caodaism, Hoahaoism and Islam. Yes, many Vietnamese are atheist but, of those who are religious, that is the order of followers.


What type of Christianity? And what are Caodaism and Hoahaoism?


I think the christians are mainly catholic.

Caodaism is a cool religion that tries to integrate many human religions. Has Saints like Jesus, Mahoma, Buddha and even Shakespeare!

HoaHoaism is an offshoot of Buddhism focused on personal religion and social justice. It was created by a farmer in the 20th century.


Also taoism and folk religion, although those are mixed with the rest of religions.

In fact I would say that most atheists are not in the sense we understand in the Western world, and will believe and practice folk religion to some extent.

Islam is important, but not that important. Maybe the question is if we mean religions that are big in Vietname, or religions practiced in Vietnam that are big in the world.


Vietnam has some communists who are leading our country but we never are atheistic. If a Vietnamese is not religious then they always adore ancestry as our religious.


Not really. A lot of people don't really believe in any religion or ancestor worship but they will burn a stick of incense out of respect. The level of religiosity worldwide is dropping and Vietnam is no different.


My perception, wich is that of a foreigner, is that most Vietnamese believe, even when those belief are not strict or have a clear form.

For example, the people I've known practice Buddhism, but they would not say their religion is "truer" than the Christian. Above the exact doctrine, they believe in afterlife and a correct behavior, which is supernaturally (for them, naturally) rewarded. They have more problems to understand that I am an atheist that if I followed another religion.

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