"I often hear rivers."

Translation:Gyakran hallok folyókat.

September 14, 2016

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Why is Gyakran folyókat hallok wrong?


It is not wrong. "It is rivers that I hear often".

Usually I hear lakes, but often I hear rivers. - Gyakran folyókat hallok.

It is a little bit weird with "often", it would work better with "sometimes".


Often I hear rivers, other times I hear seas. - Gyakran folyókat hallok, máskor tengereket.

Anyway, "gyakran" refers to what comes after it.


The Verb has to follow the adverbs or the Interrogatives.

I often listen to the music. - Gyakran hallgatok zenét.

I never go to the beach. - Sosem megyek a partra.

Where are you? - Hol vagy?

What is your name? - Hogy hívnak?


Is there some reason why, "En gyakran hallok folyókat" isn't accepted?

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