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  5. "תודה על ההסבר."

"תודה על ההסבר."

Translation:Thanks for the explanation.

September 14, 2016



Need to memorize this one for when someone helps me in the comments...


what is the difference in usage between הסבר and הסברה?


We use הסברה in a more propaganda related way. The act of explaining in purpose ti convince someone.

A timid explanation is הסבר.


Do you know how the verb form for "הסבר" would differ from that for "הסברה"?


It is interesting to note that the feminine form is the one that went into Yiddish, pronounced hazBORe (with the usual shift of the accent from the last to the next-to-last syllable).


I would have never guessed על would be used for "for". I would have used בשביל or בגלל here, given my limited understanding. Would someone be able to explain or direct me to the rule for when על is to be used in this way?


Unfortunately, it seems to be that you just have to memorize which prepositions match to which verbs. על here can translate to about and sound okay.

Thank you about the explanation.

Thanks about the explanation.

Thanks on the explanation.

Thanks upon the explanation.

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