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Language pals?

Hey everyone, I have returned on Duolingo after a long period of inactivity, so most of the friends I used to have are not here anymore. I speak English and Greek and I learn German and Spanish. Add me if you want someone to practice with or simply need some more friends! Take care <3

September 14, 2016



if anyone wants to talk in German i can help and talk to you in general. So if anyone needs someone to talk to in general or for German you can talk to me.


I would love to take you up on that, or anyone else reading this...


Actually, that's what I also need! I also learn German, but I just started... I'm just afraid I might hold anyone back. Though if your okay, I'll be waiting! (Are you talking about friends on Facebook, or Duolingo?)


Actually I was talking about Duolingo, but Facebook would be nice too!


I can be your friend on duolingo and chat :)


Great! :) How would you like to chat? Create a discussion or each others profile?


For german could you add me on fb? Its on my profile if you do


I've wanted to speak German for the longest time...I never knew Duolingo could make learning the language as easy as it's been. I'm pretty new here (just started yesterday night), but I have a killer motivation and would really enjoy having some friends to converse/practice with here :) I learned Chinese back in middle school, and unfortunately those credits didn't count towards my foreign languages so I'm taking Spanish on the college level right now xD Definitely is interesting to be learning multiple languages at the same time. Though I have very little interest in Spanish, so I barely practice it :/


I'm new, and I'm just starting to learn German, it would be really nice for someone to have conversations with me,

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