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  5. "Я не дуже люблю банани."

"Я не дуже люблю банани."

Translation:I do not really like bananas.

September 14, 2016



"I really do not like bananas," was accepted. In English, "I don't really like..." and, "I really don't like..." are subtly but significantly different. (The first indicates mild dislike, while the second indicates strong dislike.) Does «Я не дуже люблю...» translate to both?


You are right!

Я дуже не люблю банани -> I really don't like bananas

Я не дуже люблю банани -> I don't really like bananas

Right now it's corrected :)


Why not - I don't like much bananas?


As far as I understood, "I don't (very) much like bananas" is grammatical. It's accepted, but sounds very unnatural and obsolete. The best would be "I don't really like ..." or "I don't like ... (very) much".

Yours is ungrammatical.

Disclaimer: not a native speaker


You are correct sagitta145. I meant - I don't like bananas much.


Written like this implies that you like bananas but not too many of them

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