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"מעולם לא נאמרו מילים חכמות יותר."

Translation:Never were wiser words spoken.

September 14, 2016


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I entered the following and it was marked as wrong: Never have wiser words been said.

I think the Hebrew sentence has an implied "until now" (or "עד עכשיו"), so using the perfect tense in Hebrew seems more natural than the simple. Of course, this is not about learning English grammar, but I think it should have been accepted.

And yes, I did report it.


Is it ok: Never were spoken wiser words?

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It's not common to order the words like that in English. The subject coming last is common in Spanish, but not in English.


But is it grammatically correct, or there is some rule about it? It sounds poetic or like Yoda?

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Yoda tends to put the verb at the end. "Never spoken, wiser words were". I don't know about rules, but you wouldn't order it like this unless you were writing a song and had to rhyme this with "cords".


It's grammatically correct, but unnatural. The most natural word order is "Wiser words were never said/spoken" or "Wiser words have never been said/spoken" (not accepted). Putting the subject after the helping verb is done only for effect. Putting the subject at the very end, after the participle, sounds even more contrived.

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