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  5. "Qu'est-ce que je tiens ?"

"Qu'est-ce que je tiens ?"

Translation:What am I holding?

February 6, 2013



the verb tenir has loads of meanings. it can also mean to keep which duolingo doesnt seem to think. tenir a - to value/care for. tenir de - take after or resemble. tenir ce que - anxious/eager. se tenir - to hold oneself, behave, hold position.


When I hover over the word "tiens" it says "take" or "hey there." Why was my answer "What do I take" wrong?


You're right, seems that the suggestions are misleading... the 2nd was "take THIS" which --I think-- doesn't fit here.

I used "hold" (the third one) and it worked it seems


the suggested answer of "what do I am holding?" is just rubbish as well. I tried "what is it I am holding?" - wrong! why?


I think they fixed it as it is now "What am I holding?"


I think it should be "Qu'est-ce que je tiens?" -> Que (what) est (is) ce (it) que (that) je (I) tiens (am holding)? = "What is it that I am holding?"

Duo accepted that for me.


Je ne tiens rien.


How what you know if it was qui est or que est? I thought it was asking who am I holding?


'qu'est ce que' is a pretty common phrase meaning 'what is it that'. More or less. Does qui est get the qui to qu' ?


Ooo, I thought I knew and started writing out an answer, then I did research and found out I was over simplifying it. Here is what I learned: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=286335

In the phrase "qu'est ce que" the "qu'est" is a "que est." Other phrases will be "qui est," but that phrase does not become a compound word.

Specifically, what "que" and "qui" mean depends on where they are in the opening of the question: " _ _ est-ce _ _ ...?"

When "qui" is in the first blank spot at the front of the question, it refers to a person. When "que" is at the front of the question, it refers to a thing.

When "qui" is in the second blank spot, it is the subject of the answer, whether or not the subject is a person or a thing. When "que" is in the second blank spot, it refers to the object of the answer, whether or not the object is a person or a thing.

Now I need to go practice some questions. Qui est-ce qui veut jouer "Questions" avec moi?


Are you asking me? lol


Que est ce que je tiens


Il est ton cœur!


Why would I ask someone what I am holding? I hate when this sentence shows up because my brain always wants to say "what are you holding?" because that is something I would actually ask.


Party game with a blindfold? Someone gives you something you don't recognise?


It sounded like Qui est-ce que je tiens?


So how does one ask "What do I hold?" As in "what should I hold?"


Tiens la porte! Tiens la porte! Tiens la porte!

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