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  5. "You are talking too."

"You are talking too."

Translation:Μιλάς και εσύ.

September 14, 2016



Is it incorrect to say "Κι εσύ μιλάς."?

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No, it's better actually. Μιλάς κι εσύ emphasizes εσύ, and would be used if someone expressed an opinion when he has no right to, because he has done something contrary to what he says. Pe: two friends talk about how to live a healthy life. One of them takes the car to go everywhere, eats junk food all the time, but he counsels his friend to walk a lot and exercise. The other answers:"Μιλάς και εσύ τώρα που δεν κουνάς τα πόδια σου!"= You talk too now, that you don't move your feet!

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