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  5. "Vendégek érkeznek Japánból?"

"Vendégek érkeznek Japánból?"

Translation:Are guests arriving from Japan?

September 14, 2016



Érkezni is to arrive isn't it ?


jön and érkezik seem to be able to be used more or less interchangeably, as far as I can tell.


I come from Japan and I arrive from Japan can have different meaning though (originate vs. move) -- the first one is more common said as I am from Japan. You can use jön to mean originate, but I haven't seen érkezik in this use.


I agree, but so many times I wrote “come” and my answer was rejected :)


Érkezik means to arrive, but in some instances this sounds wrong in the English sentence. In this case, come is definitely better.


Lol, I just now realized this was supposed to be a question...
English needs different word order? Are guests coming from Japan?
Do guests come from Japan?


I think that editor of this app wants to play with our nerves by making these double meaning sentences...

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