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  5. "אספרנטו היא שפה עולמית."

"אספרנטו היא שפה עולמית."

Translation:Esperanto is a global language.

September 14, 2016



Esperanto is a world language should be accepted!


World language for sure works in English!


Not only does "world language" work in English, it seems to have become almost a set phrase, which surprised me. It beats "global language" in a Web search, and trounces it in published books, according to this ngram (world language is the red line):
Ngram-World vs Global Language

Notwithstanding that, it does use different vocabulary and grammar than the Hebrew sentence, and translating "שפה עולמית" as "world language" doesn't demonstrate that we recognize those differences. The Hebrew uses a noun and adjective, while "world language" is two nouns that I think would be שפת עולם in Hebrew.

My preference would be for the course to accept "world language", while telling us about the linguistic difference and perhaps giving reduced points. (Fat chance, right?)

2020-07-23 rich739183


לֹא מְדַבְּרִים אוֹתָה בְכָל הָעוֹלָם!


אבל אף אחד לא מדבר אותה......נכון?


לא בדיוק. כמעט אף אחד.


Universal? how would you say that?


My sense is that a global or world language is one that is used widely around the world, but is not necessarily dominant around the world; while a universal language is one that is global and most widely understood, and dominant around the world.

2020-07-23 rich739183


בדיחה ישנה: הוא מדבר אספרנטו כמו יליד

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