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"המילה הזאת נוטָה כמו המילים האחרות."

Translation:This word is conjugated like the other words.

September 14, 2016



I'm an English speaker and don't know what conjugated means! Why do i need to learn this in Hebrew?!


I'm not an English speaker but I don't know what it means either...


Conjugation is like verb inflection but used in a wider range.


Take a root and add suffixes and prefixes in order to create adjectives, verbs, nouns, prepositions, adverbs, based on the specific type of conjugation, if it's for a woman, if it's for men, plural, singular, past tense, present tense, imperative tense, etc ...


How I understand it from High School Spanish way back in the day, verbs start with an "infinitive" tense like "to run". It is isn't really being used in that tense it's just there to let you know that running is possible. To conjugate "to run" is to actually use the verb for yourself or someone else - "I run", "He runs", "She ran", "They run". English conjugation is pretty straightforward but in languages with different genders and plural forms conjugation is a whole thing. I hope I'm not going to butcher the Hebrew since I'm still learning, but conjugating "to run" in Hebrew - lrutz לרוץ - has different forms based on gender on plurality. I run, אני רץ, She runs, היא רצה, They run, הם רצים, הן רצות. I'm still terrible at past and future tenses in Hebrew so these are probably wrong - I will run, אני ארוץ, He will run, הוא תארוץ. Hope that helps and isn't too long and confusing. I also hope someone corrects any mistakes I've made. Good luck and keep learning!!


The cat runs. The cats run. My cup runneth over.

Congratulations, we conjugated the word 'run'.


המדפסת שלך מקולקלת.


In English you can only say that verbs are conjugated. Other words can be inflected, but not conjugated.


The translation "this word is inflected like the other words" was accepted.

2020-07-23 rich739183


As I understand the terminology, inflection is a broad category that includes the more specific categories of conjugation (for verbs) and declension (for nouns, etc.).

2020-07-22 rich739183


You only conjugate verbs, or not?


Check my comment above.

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