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"אתה זוכר איך נוטָה המילה הזאת?"

Translation:Do you remember how this word is conjugated?

September 15, 2016



Why is "Do you remember how to conjugate this word" not also valid?


Shouldn't it be with "את" - אתה זוכר איך נוטה את המילה הזאת ?


Well. המילה is the subject not an object: המילה נוטה כך וכך


i guess the verb is in נפעל so it is passive. what is the root please?

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In fact, it is in פעל. The root is נ-ט-ה. Cf. https://www.pealim.com/dict/1192-lintot/


if that were true, there are several problems with the sentence. for one thing, after זוכר you should have an infinitive form. also if the subject is אתה then you should have a masculine conjugation for נוטה. the one here is clearly feminine. there is a niphal form, but it doesn't match the conjugation either.....

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The structure of this sentence is Subject (אתה) + Verb (זוכר) + an Object clause, in which the subject is המילה הזאת and the verb is נוטָה. The verb לנטות apparently can be used with the passive meaning of 'to be declined/conjugated'. There is also the nif'al verb לְהִנָּטוֹת, which I think also could be used here: אתה זוכר איך נִטֵּית המילה הזאת.


so a more accurate translation would be: how this word conjugates. but that is not how we usually express this concept in english

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I'm not a native speaker of English. But you find both "conjugates" and "is conjugated" on Google, with the same meaning.

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