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  5. "who is beautiful"

"who is beautiful"

Translation:aki gyönyörű

September 15, 2016



Could someone explain to me why it is "aki szép" and not just "ki szép"? Are they just interchangeable or do they convey different meanings or what? Please let me know and thanks.


"Ki" is "who", like in a question. "Who is beautiful?"
"Aki" is "the (person) who/that/which". "The girl who stands there..." - "A lány, aki ott áll ...".

Here, since this is not a question, "aki" seems to be the correct choice.


Brilliant explanation, thank you


"who is beautiful" is not a complete sentence, and it is inappropriate to test

It also looks like you are asking a question but forgot to add the question mark.

This fragment alone would never be used in English.


Raphi, the DuoLingo phrase is perfectly appropriate. The fact that there is no capitalization and punctuation make it clear that the example is not a complete sentence. Duo tests us on individual words as well as sentences, so why not also on phrases that could be part of a sentence?


I disagree. Testing sentence fragments that stand on their own makes sense, especially very early in a course - e.g. for teaching gendered articles in German or the Romance languages it is common to teach just the article and a noun alone (die Frau, das Mädchen; el gato, la gata).

But the whole point of this phrase is that it is dependent on some other part of the sentence - the *, which is beautiful, does ****. Teaching the dependent phrase in the absence of its essential context is confusing rather than clarifying, because there is no meaning associated with it.


'Aki gyönyörű' should be accepted, yes?


Sure. Beautiful can mean both.


Why not "ami szép"?


that would be "what is beautiful". Aki refers to a person, and ami to a thing.


Why not add a word and complete the sentence


I propse the phrase to be: '(the one) who is beautiful' to make it clear that 'who' is not a question word.

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