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  5. "הם משיגים את הבננות מהמטבח."

"הם משיגים את הבננות מהמטבח."

Translation:They get the bananas from the kitchen.

September 15, 2016



Is there a better translation for להשיג other than to get or to achieve. Found it difficult to understand the logic that they got the bananas FROM the kitchen without use of the preposition מ.


But you do have the preposition מ


It's kind of a weird verb to use in Hebrew too, so I guess it does fit. Maybe it could be translated as "obtained", but it does have a sense of succeeding in something difficult about it. This sentence needs some context to make sense.


I said "they obtain" and it was marked wrong. This should be accepted as a legitimate translation. Reported it.


Does "to fetch" work as a translation for להשיג?


אני חושב "לקחת" עובד יותר טוב


Is it okay to say הם מקבלים את הבננות ? Would it be a good Hebrew?


No, because it would mean "they receive the bananas", as not giving so much effort on getting the bananas because someone gave it to them, while "משיג" means that they invested efforts, as being something difficult to get.


it's a weird english sentence....

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