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  5. "Ona nosi lekką kurtkę."

"Ona nosi lekką kurtkę."

Translation:She wears a light jacket.

September 15, 2016



Why would "is wearing" not be a correct translation of "nosi"?


It should be accepted. Report it. Slavic languages don't conjugate differently between "wears" and "is wearing." Both are treated as present tense, and context determines whether someone "walks" or "is walking," for example.


Well, Polish does, this course just failed to teach it. Since recently, we require the only really correct answer that is "wears". More info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27628688

I would never say "Noszę czarną koszulkę" to say that I am wearing a black shirt at the moment.

I don't know about other Slavic languages, and I think this may have not been taught in the Duolingo Russian course, but I remember from Russian Rosetta Stone course a construction "На ней юбка", which seems pretty similar to Polish "Ona ma na sobie spódnicę" (for others: that's "She is wearing a skirt").


Why not "she is wearing a light jacket"?


I have to say I'm struggling with this. When you say 'ona nosi lekką kurtkę' do you mean this is what she habitually wears, rather than what she is wearing at the moment?


Yes. We used to accept "is wearing" as well because the course creators forgot to teach how to really say it, but we decided it's time to stop that.

If you want to say that she is wearing it at the moment, "Ona ma na sobie lekką kurtkę".


She is wearing---is the same as "she wears" ??


Not exactly. See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27628688

Please read the other comments. I linked it in this thread two times before already.


Thanks Jellei, now I don't have to ask the same question as everyone else


Is this light in weight or light in colour? Or maybe it covers both meanings, as in English?


only "light" as in the type wouldn't wear if it were very cold outside. A "light color" is an entirely different word in Polish. jasny kolor would be a light color.


I too put "she is wearing a light jacket", which I believe is correct, but it was marked as wrong...


This has already been explained several times in this comment section...

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