"I don't have a sister."

Translation:Εγώ δεν έχω αδελφή.

September 15, 2016

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Is anyone able to explain why we wouldn't write this as 'εγώ δεν έχω μία αδελφή'?

I would have thought the αδεφλφή needed an article of some sort.


Negative sentences don't have an indefinite article. In a positive sentence you would say "έχω μια αδερφή=I have a sister" and not έχω μία αδερφή=I have one sister" unless you wanted to say that she is one and only. The "έχω αδερφή" positively, without an article, would be used of someone told you -"you don't have a sister!=δεν έχεις αδερφή" -"I do have a sister!=έχω αδερφή!"


I also got this wrong. Is it always the case that one doesn't use a negative indefinite article? Should one then exclude it when one encounters it in the exercises? Is there a place where one can find out these grammatical Rules? This came as a complete surprise to me >:((


Awesome, thanks for the explanation!


Would δεν έχω αδελφή also be OK? Greek doesn't require the personal pronoun, does it, because it's an inflected language?


Yes, that's right.


I did the same thing. Thx for asking!


Depending on the context of the conversation, you don't need to use the word εγώ. For example if someone asked you if you had a sister. You don't need to mention yourself again in your response, since the question is directed to you directly.

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