"Does he have fair hair?"

Translation:Oes gynno fo wallt golau?

September 15, 2016



Why doesn't 'oes wallt golau gynno fo' work? Is it simply because it would be 'gwallt' in that sentence? (If it would...)

September 15, 2016


This is explained in this 'Hints and 'Tips' for the section on 'Possession' earlier in the course - look there for more details and examples. Putting gynno fo, ganddo fo, gyda fo, etc in the middle of the sentence causes the mutation of the following gwallt.

  • Mae gwallt golau gynno fo - this is the 'natural' position of gynno fo, etc.
  • Mae gynno fo wallt golau - this is the usual position of gynno fo in some contexts, but it does cause a mutation of the following word.
September 15, 2016


So it would have to be 'Oes, mae gwallt golau gynno fo' for Duolingo to accept that version? Thanks.

September 16, 2016


I used the word blocks "Oes gynno fo wallt golau" was not an option as there were no word blocks for either "gynno" or "fo". Not really helpful. I put "Oes gyda fe gwallt golau" and was told I was "correct" but had typos. I think if we are to be given the option to use the word blocks, we should be given all the word blocks necessary to construct the correct answer.

April 18, 2018


There is no one unique correct answer.

All of

  • Oes gynno fo wallt golau?
  • Oes gwallt golau gynno fo?
  • Oes gyda fe wallt golau?
  • Oes gwallt golau gyda fe?

should be correct and should be acceptable.

If you oes the blocks oes - gyda - fe - gwallt - golau with unmutated gwallt, then the sentence you would have to construct is Oes gwallt golau gyda fe? -- you did have all the blocks you needed to make that correct answer.

April 18, 2018
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