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"The tourists hunt for deer in the big forest beside the city."

Translation:A turisták szarvasra vadásznak a nagy erdőben a város mellett.

September 15, 2016



--------- word order is important. a turistak a nagy erdoben a varos mellett szarvasokra vadasznak wasn't accepted . . .

Big 3 oct 17


This sentence is one where is is exceptionally hard to identify the focus in English, and accordingly if you are translating into Hungarian, it is vary hard to arrive at an appropriate word order. In English the amount of information given about the forest - its size, location and so on, naturally seems to make it the implied focus, though it is clear the course expects you to arrive at the conclusion that it is the deer that is the focus - as opposed to them hunting for anything else in these very specific woods. It is a pretty contrived sentence, especially when you consider that the objective of the exercise is the case for the noun.

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