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  5. "ήτα ήδη"

"ήτα ήδη"

Translation:eeta already

September 15, 2016

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as a type what you hear exercise, I put η ήδη. I feel that should be accepted.


eeta already?? what does that mean.... no entiendo

"ήτα ήδη"


Dear @Ericka2708, "eeta already" has not a meaning itself, obviously. While "ήτα ήδη" has a definite sense instead: ήτα (η) is the letter the word ήδη starts with. Try to think something like... - a apple - bee banana - cee contact - dee danger ... an so on It's just a common first approach to a new language (I well remember when I was a child, this kind of puzzle with the letter and the picture ;)


Thank you @Francentro. You hit the mark and with your explanation of this odd sounding phrase.


Onoratissimo! Thank you @jaye16


It's not meant to mean anything more than an introduction to the letter ήτα and a very simple word using that letter. This is still the first skill which teaches the alphabet. Don't worry the sentences get better as they go on. You can get help by reading the Tips & notes at the start of the skill, and the comments on the Discussion page.


Could we translate "ήδη" as "now" instead?


Here's a little trick. Look at the top of this page. You see "ήτα ηδη' now with your cursor hover over the letters. Under ήτα you will see: eeta, ee,eta and below ηδη you will see already. These are the answer to the exercise. So, you can write: eeta, already or ee already or eta already. That's it. The program has these answers as correct, it's a machine if you use anything else it will reject it. Try it, don't worry about "now" later that will be in another lesson.


I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other ways to make this lesson work. Thanks for all your effort though, Ελλινκή Ομάδα!


Yes, and we, η Ελλινική Ομάδα, agree and are working now on the New Tree in which we hope to make all this much more user-friendly. Go over to forums to see New tree development - Your ideas and if you like, give suggestions.


Γεια σας!

On further thought, I realized that point 2 may not be off-topic after all as this thread was created to discuss this question.

Still, I'm hoping that the original point is given due consideration as the new development tree is being finalized.


No - wrong. Both possible as Jim said


H ήδη should be acceptable

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