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"Let's go to the crater, there's shade there."

Translation:בואו נלך למכתש, שם יש צל.

September 15, 2016



Actually, geologists differ between 'crater' and 'makhtesh'. While the Hebrew word מכתש is used for both geological phenomena, the 'makhtesh' is a unique phenomenon for Israel and its close vicinity. The Israeli Makhteshim in the Negev and in Sinai are made by erosion, rain and rivers, and not by a meteor hit.


So what's the correct English term?


The correct term for: 1. Erosion crater, like those we have in the Negev or in Sinai - is "Machtesh"\"Makhtesh". 2. Other craters formed by volcanic activity or by impact of a meteor - is "Crater". In Hebrew, geologists call the first kind מכתש סחיפה, while the others are called in Hebrew מכתש פגיעה/מכתש וולקני. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makhtesh] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impact_crater]


I don't know the Makhteshim of the Neguev, but if they are made of erosion by rain or rivers don't are they canyons?

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