"The life is you"

Translation:Η ζωή είσαι εσύ

September 15, 2016

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I am not sure what "The life is you" means. I am native English and don't feel that this construction is grammatical. To my mind, there should be an adjective (e.g. valuable, old, etc.); or a gerund (ending, fading, etc). But to have a pronoun in the accusative case after the verb to be is not to my mind standard. Is it that the original Greek is an idiomatic phrase that is being directly translated? Maybe it is better translated as: "You are alive." or "You are an expression of life." I'm confused.


It's a bit poetic. I'm not sure if that was the intent but it is.


I would translate it as "You are my life" or "You are life". For example you would say this to someone that you believe makes your life worth living/ is what you live for/ is the most important thing in your life - you get my drift.


Yes, I think they both capture the meaning. since this is a teaching site I think the simpler "You are life." would be easier to accept. thank you.

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