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  5. "הם חושבים."

"הם חושבים."

Translation:They think.

September 15, 2016



Does this only mean the act of thinking ("I think therefore I am.") or can it also be used to express opinion ("I think this is stupid")?


Both. You're asking because of French?


In general. Not all meanings of a word translate to the same foreign word. Thanks for the quick answer.


I'm still confused about -ing in hebrew. They think, as a general term, and they are thinking, as in now, are different terms but seem to be the same in hebrew. How do you know which is meant?


If the suggested answer for "אני חושב" is "I think so", shouldn't the translation "They think so" also be accepted here? (The question concerns the word "so")


Didn't yet get to אני חושב = I think so, but in my mind a much better translation to "I think so" is "אני חושב שכן". Yes, we would sometimes shorten it to just "אני חושב"', but only in a very colloquial and lazy conversation. Now, with "they" it sounds wrong to me, even in a very colloquial and lazy conversation, to shorten "הם חושבים שכן" to "הם חושבים".


that is true, i reported it, do the same :)

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