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  5. "Katten drikker melk."

"Katten drikker melk."

Translation:The cat is drinking milk.

September 15, 2016



cats should not drink milk, it's bad for them. A different practice sentence would be better.


How about "Katten drikker vann."?


excellent. Or "Katten drikker ikke melk."


Who told you that?


The vet and the internet. Cats lack lactase, the enzyme needed to digest milk sugars. They are lactose intolerant just like all adult mammals around the world except a chunk of white humans.

Cats like fat dairy such as cream but non-fat dairy such as milk is bad for them.


This is only partly true - much like another popular rumor about the 10%-capability of brain usage or the one that eskimos have 100's of words for snow, etc. The lactic enzymes prevents undesired "side effects" when consuming milk, but they are not an "antidote" against "milk-poisoning". Many animals (some better than others) can digest milk, just not as fast as it could have been done with enzymes like lactase. I've grown up in a village and have seen adult cats drinking a little milk and eating bread leavened in milk without having any visible reactions against it. Besides, Caucasian people are not the only lactose-tolerant human race - there are Saharo-Nilotic pastoral people who have also developed genes that allow them to consume milk without "side effects".


I'm going with what my vets tell me. A little milk might not be a problem for the few cats you knew. People thinking that cats drink milk for thirst is a problem. Domestic cats drink water.


then give them raw milk, it has both lactase and lactose.


I don't really care for cats but this is very important to know if you have cats

[deactivated user]

    Can drikker be used for both 'is drinking' and 'drinks'?


    Yes; Norwegian doesn't distinguish between the two forms :)


    Please do not give milk to cats! It is harmful!


    But cow milk is not good for cats. 24Dec18


    That is correct.


    we have to add "en" to all the animals when we want to say "THE ...." ?????


    Didn't allow 'The cat drinks milk'. Why not? AFAIK the present simple and present continuous translate the same way.


    You are right. The cat is drinking milk now = Katten drikker melk nå. The cat drinks milk every day = Katten drikker melk hver dag.


    no cats shouldn't drink milk, they may like drinking it but it's really bad for them


    Cato drinko milko

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