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  5. "אני אוכל תפוח."

"אני אוכל תפוח."

Translation:I eat an apple.

September 15, 2016



I am always so happy when I succeed at constructing a sentence.


Should be "I am eating an apple" or "I eat apples" You can't "Eat an apple" all the time, you're eating it right now or eat apples often etc.


Wait... Do ו, ח and כ sound like "ch"? "Ani och-chel tapuach-ch"?


After ו א, indicates that there is an oh sound.


אני אוכל תפוח


I don't understand why it says that I have a typo if I used the word bank.


Ani okhel tapuakh.


As to whether or not this sentence should be plural to indicate an ongoing habit, I think I heard that in Hebrew, “I eat an apple” (using the singular) can also refer to an ongoing habit. Can any native speaker weigh in? But in Hebrew, if plural apples indicated the ongoing action of “I eat apples”, then this would be plural apples מפוחים tapukhim. Here it’s just תפוח tapuakh, so it’s best to stick with “I eat an apple” and tackle ongoing actions later.

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