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  5. "Addysg cyfrwng Saesneg"

"Addysg cyfrwng Saesneg"

Translation:English-medium education

September 15, 2016



This is the second question about cyfrwng where i've looked at the comments to try and understand better and they both say it's not the medium size but i still don't understand it. I've never heard of an "English medium education" in English, is this the equivalent of a middle school (i.e. between infant and senior schools) or is this referring to a media degree or what?


English medium refers to the language used to teach. Unless you come from Wales (Maybe Scotland/Northern Ireland) then you're not likely to have heard of it. So in and English medium school you are taught through the medium of English, and in a Welsh medium school through the medium of Welsh. It has nothing to do with age as they're found right fro primary through secondary.


I hadn't thought of that, so in multilingual countries such as wales you can have an English medium education or a local language medium education, that makes sense. Diolch yn fawr


I believe that, in some parts of the USA (Florida and California, for example, if I remember correctly) there are Spanish-medium schools, and that some English-speaking parents send their children to them as a way of making them learn a second language.


I've heard Welsh people talking about having been in "Welsh language school" or "English language school" (or sometimes simply "Welsh school" / "English school"), but never heard anything about medium. Is this used throuhout Wales?


Yes, it's commonly used, although may perhaps be a touch formal for everyday usage.


Is cyfryng both between small and large, and the manner or method?


No, it only means medium as in method or for example the "media" in "Social media" is "Y cyfryngau cymdeithasol". "Medium" in the sense of between small and big is "canolig" (Literally "centerly" sort of from "Canol"-"middle/center" (as in center of a circle not a sports center)


If 'addysg' is feminine, as implied by the mutation in 'addysg bellach', why doesn't 'cyfrwng' mutate?


I'm guessing it's because 'cyfrwng' is a noun, not an adjective.

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