"We go see a movie, are you coming too?"

Translation:Beülünk egy filmre, jöttök ti is?

September 15, 2016

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I had no idea that the only acceptable translation of "We go see a movie, are you coming too?" is "Beülünk egy filmre, jöttök ti is?" Someone please let me know, what's wrong with: "Megyünk megnézni egy filmet, te is jössz?"


Elmegyünk megnézni egy filmet, te is jössz?

Elmegyünk moziba. - We go to the cinema.

Elmegyek egy partiba. - I go out to a party.

If we go out somewhere we usually say "Elmegyünk = We go out", "Elmegyek = I go out" ect.


Excellent, thank you. Indeed, in this context "elmegyünk" and "megyünk" can be understood as synonyms, and both are equally common in sentences like this.

I am still wondering though, how come that a perfectly good and common translation was rejected, meanwhile such a liberal and hard to guess version as "beülünk egy filmre" is offered as the only correct answer. Any ideas?


1.) Exactly.. I share your opinion.

2.) While "beülünk egy .." is more like a colloquial way of saying we go to a place ( school, club, cinema, restaurant.) where we could take a seat.


Your version is perfect. But this is why this course is still in the "beta" phase. We ALL are beta-testers here. We accept the fact that the course is not perfect, not finished yet. We live with it, and we keep reporting the mistakes and the various missing acceptable translations. Sometimes it is frustrating but, hey, read the disclaimer. So, please, use the Report a problem function whenever your version is not accepted, and suggest it as an alternative translation, so that the course contributors get the notice and have a chance to add them. And please be patient, there is lots and lots to do, yet so little volunteer time. Thanks! :)


being hungarian i find it hilarious that duolingo evaluated me to be at level 8, hahha, and then i cannot even test out from this level due to mistakes like this. nobody below the age of 40 uses the expression beülünk egy filmre...

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