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"Δεν θέλω να ξέρει το μυστικό μας."

Translation:I do not want him to know our secret.

September 15, 2016



Should we actually say "Δεν θέλω να ξέρω το μυστικό μας" if we mean I do not want to know our secret?


I wonder about this sentence. The usual Eng. expression is "I do not want to tell our secret". If it is " our"secret then the person speaking knows it so it does not make sense to say " I do not want to know our secret". Is it possible to translate ξέρω as "tell"?


    I cannot think of an example where tell=ξέρω. What I can say is that this translation should be fixed to "I do not want him/her to know our secret". That's what it means, that's why the subjunctive is in third person: I do not want an unidentified third party to know our secret.


    My wrong translation "I do not want to know our secret" is still accepted. And I cannot report it because Duo thinks that I'm correct.


    Oops. Just found it in the incubator, and corrected it. Thank you for much for the comment. ^.^


    I do not want her to know our secret...would be??


      You can still drop the pronoun and just use the third person and just imply it ;)

      The difference between the two him/her is this: Δεν θέλω αυτός/αυτή να ξέρει το μυστικό μας.

      However, note that when you say that in Greek, instead of dropping the pronoun for a person that is known in the conversation, it is more like saying "I don't want him/her knowing our secret", implying it's the person specific that you want to keep the secret from but you may be OK with sharing it with others.


      Thanks for this question and the response. It's very helpful

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