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  5. "Πίνω μπύρα"

"Πίνω μπύρα"

Translation:I drink beer

September 15, 2016



Is there a rule that tells you when to use upsilon vs ita or yiota (υ, η, ι) ?


It is widely used, but it is wrong. The correct form is μπίρα. Since it comes from European languages that never used a letter like y or similar.

It is time to change the orthography of the word, nobody knows why υ here.


True, the correct, new, simplified spelling of the word is with a "ι", but formerly it was written with "υ", that's why so many people (including me) still misspell it (even though I know it's wrong - old habits die hard). But what was on the mind of the person who decided to translate as "μπύρα" the "bier" (it's believed that the translation came from the German word) is a true mystery. I mean, I know that a theory this was based on is that the spelling of the loan should reflect the original word's spelling, so since there's not only an "i" but an "ie", the "ι" wouldn't be enough to reflect that, but how on earth was the "υ" a better option?! Anyway, I guess that one of the mysteries of the Greek language will remain unsolved for now :P


It would be nice if at least the two spellings were accepted...


Both are accepted. But "μπίρα" is very rare compared to "μπύρα".


Well, usually you have to know/remember the root of the word. Not sure if in this link you can find more information.


Sounds like she is saying 'plino' not 'pino'


It says pino but it's just the strange TTS (text to speech) that sounds weird.


I hear 'bino-vira"


same verb in classical Greek. I love it !


But I'm underage...


Time alone will change that, I'm afraid: there's nothing anyone here can do to help!


Πινώ μπίρα not accepted


Beer is a new word. It should not be in the quiz


Quizzes draw vocabulary from untaught material from time to time, which doesn't happen with the natural flow of the course.


As an Australian, we refer to drinking beer as 'having a cold one'. Unfortunately it was wrong, why is this? please help!


Perhaps it's my hearing that's lacking here, but I heard "Ένο μπύρα", which made sense to me as ordering "one beer". I'll just put it down to age & hearing not as acute as it used to be!

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Μπύρα is feminine though so one beer would be μία μπύρα. ;)

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