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  5. "אני כל הזמן רעב!"

"אני כל הזמן רעב!"

Translation:I am hungry all the time!

September 15, 2016



Would אני רעב כל הזמן be acceptable word order?


How about "כל הזמן אני רעב". Should that be accepted?


I think so. Sounds less natural, but I think it's still correct.


FWIW, sounds to me just as natural as the other two orders.


It might even be a better translation


Me too. Between me and you, I ate all the chocolate, and I'm still hungry.

[deactivated user]

    What is the literal translation of this sentence?


    literally it would be "I all the time hungry", obviously in english it doesn't make any sense


    You need a low-carb, high-fat diet! LCHF!!! (poor guy!) ;)


    So true, I totally agree, just remember to be moderate on animal-fat ( fat from animals, milk and eggs, plus some vegs) I started being strickt on carbs in february and my not so healthy hunger for sweets are now totally gone! Proteins from fish, milk and eggs (to get the right meat is difficult here) combined with nice salads with as much soft vegan oils as you like, made with low carb vegetables, seeds and spices...keeps my body much happier than before. And with adding also thankfullness and a blessing, to this diet, I think it might help anybody to get rid of adiction to sugar or other kinds of high carb food! Highly recommended to all who suffers from over-eating or other kinds of misuse of food. It will give you more balance, and might take away unhealthy urges!


    Can תמיד be used instead of כל?


    תמיד instead כל הזמן


    It's quite unprecise, this sentence means "i'm hungry all the time" if you want to say i'm always hungry you should say : אני תמיד רעב It basically means the same thing but duolingo is known for asking precise translation, even if it's unnatural...


    Is it bad to say "I am hungry always" doesn't it mean the same thing?


    It means the same thing, but the word order here seems unnatural, even archaic (problems I wish Duo would distinguish, apart from wrong words).


    I can really relate to this sentence as I am on a new diet and I AM always hungry!! :) Toads n Rabbit's is how silly American Kids remember to say thank you very much so I'm saying it to you Hava_Dorit!!


    To me 'always' sounds much better before 'hungry' than after, but not exactly wrong if after. "I am hungry all the time" sounds better to me also.

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