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Placement Test result faulty?

Hey everyone, I took the placement test for French today and was surprised when it told me I had no skills even though I made only one or two minor mistakes e.g. typos. I studied French for 4 years in school and wanted to refresh the language because it has been many years since I spoke it. In comparison I got the same result (no skill) when I answered about half the questions in the Irish placement test correctly, and pretty much no correct answer in Greek, which seems fair. I really would have liked a shortcut in French and I am not sure what the error is in this. I started the French course now and it is way too easy for my level. Has anyone else experienced this with the placement test?

September 15, 2016



The placement test seems to limit you to the level of your most basic mistake (I'm sure it's a lot more complex than that, but thinking of it like that suffices for me).

Duolingo also (sometimes) has particular ways it likes things to be phrased, or particular words it prefers to be used as translations (and other translations it won't count as valid - and normally it has a fair reason for this).

The best thing you can do is probably to reset/delete your tree and retake the test. Repeated attempts can lead to a better placement as you get used to what Duolingo expects. https://www.duolingo.com/settings/reset_lang

If you're prone to making mistakes/typos and still can't place well, you have a choice, either to take the placement test on one of the apps on a mobile device which will be easier, or to accept that some practice will tighten up the little mistakes you make and work through material that is mostly already within your knowledge.


That does seem odd. I've not had that problem and tested somewhere into level 7-9 depending on the tree. That seemed about right. You might try the reverse tree English for French speakers. You can also try testing out again of certain sections or testing out of each skill.

I haven't bothered to take the placement test for any languages that I don't already know to some extent. So, I can't comment on that.


Happened to me. My progress reset, so I thought: No problem, I can just do a placement test, and go back to normal.
I did it and they told me the exact same thing they told you.
It was so easy I got back to my level in just two days.

You could take the checkpoint tests. Or finish a category without doing those little parts by doing the test. NO REAL Test allows you to scroll over the word and find out the answer.

i hope this helps


ok, tell me where i can take a placement test


Thanks everybody for the answers. I haven't retried it yet but will let you know what happens.

@Shrey: The placement test should be on the main page of your language course before you start.

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