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"Te kint sütsz a házak mellett."

Translation:You are baking outside beside the houses.

September 15, 2016


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In the past "mellett" has been translated to "beside". Why not now?


Sütsz is not only baking but frying too


how would you say... you are baking by the houses outside


Te kint sütsz a házak mellett (baking) Te kint sütsz a házak mellett (frying ) Te kint Főzöl a házak mellett (cooking)


I put "You are outside baking beside the houses". It was the only answer that seemed close to grammatically correct. I got it wrong. Did I do something wrong? Because the answer the give is very grammatically incorrect.

I know translations aren't always super smooth, but it seems like I should be right.



You are correct, but I would say: you are baking or frying next to the houses or by the houses


Do Hungarians have any custom of outdoor baking?


There is a chimney cake made traditionally over an open fire, basically a sugary dough wrapped around a certain type of wood and you'd add cinnamon or nuts to called kürtös kalacs.. maybe it's more of a rural thing these days around winter time

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